Living Off the Land in the 21st Century

‘member jawas?
leet hax for every kid

AHK — Blessing and Curse

random miner
contents of a binary packed with AHK
AHK script for dropping the main payload
a miner

High-tech Con Artists

clipboard hijacker written in AHK
it’s good to be bad
a small fortune for virtual bling
same structure, a new platform to steal from
scammers ask you to send them your items so they can dupe them
Who are you, highleymatt74?
An active steam profile ❤

Git Good or Die Trying

entry point for the cryptominer
miners for all flavors
complaining on the internets about rigs
passionate about crypto, scripts and everything in between

The solution




Software developer turned rogue

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Gabi Cirlig

Gabi Cirlig

Software developer turned rogue

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