Executive summary

UCWeb, a Chineses mobile internet company owned by Alibaba Group is exfiltrating user browsing and search history from its products distributed on mobile devices around the world even when the browser is used in incognito mode. This behavior is consistent on both Android and iOS devices.

UCWeb advertises the product incognito mode to be a private & secure way of browsing the internet. However, they are exfiltrating the users activity to UCWeb’s servers.

“Your browsing history and search history won’t be recorded”

UC Browser, the company’s main product, is the 4th largest browser on the mobile market.

During the Middle Ages, a vital aspect of any war was the ability to feed your troops. While the soldiers were mostly encouraged to forage and rely on the rations, they would often supplement their meals by stealing from local villages. This created chaos, incited hatred towards the advancing army and the warlords. Over time, the more disciplined armies asked soldiers to pay the peasants and had better logistics for feeding the troops.

‘member jawas?

On the digital battlefield, things have also changed over the years. While early malware would sow chaos on the computer they were infecting, the more modern kits…

Gabi Cirlig

Software developer turned rogue

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